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Welcome to the Android Game Programming Tutorials

These android game tutorials will guide you through creating a game and many theories and ideas behind these techniques.  They have been created as weekly modules so that each day you gain a little knowledge.  At the end of the week you will be able to test yourself by completing the weekly quiz.

The weekly modules are also colour coded starting at green, which is for the easy modules, yellow which is slightly hard, orange which is harder still to red which requires some more technical issues but nothing that you can’t overcome without a little help.

I want to get as much participation and input from everyone so that we can all learn and share our programming experiences.  These tutorials are available for free so make use of them and please contribute by creating your own content and comments.

Go learn something new.

Please note that this entire course has been released using the GNU Free Documentation Licence (GFDL) version 1.3, 3.

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Android Game Programming - Week 1

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