Android Game Programming Tutorial - Week 1

This course follows some simple guidelines that have been created to visually make your learning easier.  Each module consists of a week which is further divided into days.  Each day is divided into smaller tasks and will progress towards daily goals which in turn turn into a weekly end goal.  The subject areas are colour coordinated depending on the difficulty.  Green signifies an easy lesson; yellow is progressively a little more difficult, orange which harder still and red which requires some additionally research in order to understand some of the topics.  Don’t worry because this is where the fun really begins.


Android Tutorials Easy

Easy Android Game Programming Tutorial

The green icon represents some of the easier aspects of programming and theory.

Android Game Programming Tutorial Medium

Android Game Programming Medium

Yellow icons indicate that the information that follows is slightly more difficult that the previous sections.

Android Game Programming Tutorial Hard

Android Game Programming Hard

When you see this icon it is best if you are already familiar with the previous information already presented to you.

Android Game Programming Ninja

Android Game Programming Ninja

The red Ninja icon indicates that the information that follows will be difficult but nothing you can’t handle.

These Android Programming Tutorials will follow a roadmap which has the benefit of looking ahead to see what you will learn.

Android Game Programming - Week 1 Roadmap

Android Game Programming – Week 1 Roadmap

Most of the time this roadmap is sequential but sometimes you will need to make a decision based on your operating system or level of progression.  When a decision is to be made you will be presented with a blue icon with direct sequential flow.


User decisions time

In order to start programming Android devices you will need some sort of IDE or Integrated Development Environment.  This is basically the software you need enter your code and any resources such as music, artwork etc.  In day 1 of this tutorial we will focus on the Eclipse IDE and obtain the software you need to start programming.  When everything is working correctly you will be in a position to start programming.  If you have any problems with any part of the installation, all you have to do is post a message.

Finally at the end of the day you will be in a position to start your first Android app.

One more thing, some type of Android hardware device such as a tablet or phone would be helpful but not essential because you can use the Android emulator.

If you have a better solution or a better way of improving this content then create a tutorial and send it to us.

Android Game Programming Eclipse Development

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