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In order to start programming with Android devices you will need some sort of IDE or Integrated Development Environment.  This is basically the software you need to enter your code and keep track of any resources such as music, artwork  etc. It is also an essential tool when it comes down to debugging or tracking down error.  Eclipse is a Java based open source platform which means it is free to use, so it won’t cost you a penny.  It is used by many large and small companies for software development so while you are learning your Android programming skills, you will also be learning the Eclipse IDE.

The Eclipse Development Logo

The Eclipse IDE has been designed to allow plug ins to work seamlessly.  For example, if you wanted to study the Python programming language, you could look for a Python plug in and just start programming.  Eclipse is a common development tool among different languages meaning that your IDE is common throughout the development with some minor specific changes to where files are located.

Eclipse has been developed by volunteers from the open source community.  In day 1 of this tutorial we will focus on the Eclipse IDE.

The Eclipse Development Environment (IDE)

The Eclipse Development Environment (IDE)

When everything is working correctly you will be in a position to start programming.  If you have any problems with any part of the installation, all you have to do is post a message.  If you have a better solution, feel free to let us know.

Android Game Programming Day 1.1

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