The new Raspberry Pi 2 offers an outstanding quad-core chip with double the memory of the previous Raspberry Pi bringing it up to 1G of RAM. The Raspberry Pi can now compete firmly with the PC market and still carries the the low price tag. Backwards compatibilty is guaranteed so any previous programs that have been written for the Pi will still work. A majority of the Raspberry Pi 2 models will be manufactured in the UK at the Sony facility in Wales while some will be manufactured in China.

Raspberry Pi 2 Specs

It has a 900mhz Quad ARM Cortext-A7 processor which can deliver up to 6 times the performance of the model B+.

A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortext-A7 CPU

1G of RAM

4x USB ports

VideoCore IV 3D graphics core

1x Ethernet port

HDMI output for video display

3.5m audio and video output jack

40 GPIO pins

VideoCore IV 3d graphics core

Camera interface (CSI)

Display interface (DSI)

Micro SD card slot

The Raspberry Pi 2 has the ARMv7 processor which means if can run far more operating systems including Microsoft Windows 10 and Snappy Ubuntu Core which gives it a greater flexibilty.

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