The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is here with a 900mhz Quad ARM Cortext-A7 processor.  The Raspberry Pi Foundation have managed to create another great version which is 6 times faster than the performance of the model B+.  This new version now comes with 1G of RAM, 4x USB ports, 3D graphics, 1x HDMI output, 1x Ethernet port, 3.5m audio and video output jack, 40 GPIO pins, 1x Camera interface (CSI), 1x Display interface (DSI) and a Micro SD card slot.

You can purchase the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B from the Amazon link below.

You can currently download a variety of Linux operating systems including Raspbian, KODI and Snappy Ubuntu.  Currently Microsoft will soon be releasing a Windows 10 ARM version for the Raspberry Pi which will open the Raspberry Pi 2 to a wider audience.