Raspberry Pi Course with contriware

This contriware Raspberry Pi course will teach you how to use, program and understand the Raspberry Pi.  This course will help you by using practical examples, visual images, videos and audio clips to explain many of the concepts used for learning the Raspberry Pi.

What is contriware?
Contriware is the term given to documents, audio, videos and anything that makes up the content of the course which has been supplied by various contributors in the Raspberry Pi community.  The best way to learn is to help others and in return everyone will be able increase their knowledge and participate.  It is a good feeling knowing that your content will expand the globe and will be part of history.

What will you get from this course?
You will learn about the hardware and software that makes up the Raspberry Pi and as a bonus, you will be learning Linux without any additional effort.  Most Raspberry Pi operating systems are based on a type of Linux operating system.  The commands and functionality that you will learn for this course will apply Linux.

To keep up with the course, the friendly boys and girls at Pixel Coffee Limited have given us free coffee to create more tutorials.  Please visit their site to help us keep going.

pixel ground coffee

What else will you learn?

You will learn how real-world servers are set-up and maintained including web servers and FTP servers.  You will also have a basic understanding of system administration which again can be applied to Linux in the real world.

Finally at the end of this course you will also be able to program in numerous languages including Python, C, C++, Java and more.  We will also demonstrate the concepts and code behind game programming.

There is a lot to learn but with your help, contributions and even a very comment we can share the knowledge for free and keep computers fun, open and available to everyone.

Please note that this entire course has been released using the GNU Free Documentation Licence.Version 1.3, 3.

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The information on this site has been created by volunteers in their own time because they have a passion to learn and to teach others. If you find this information useful please consider contributing something so that they know their efforts are appreciated.

Special thanks to Pixel Coffee Limited for supplying excellent gaming retro coffee.

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