Raspberry Pi Hardware

The Raspberry Pi is made up of very similar components that you will find in many PC’s, Laptops and even some modern phones.  Each of these devices support a some type of input, either a keyboard, touchscreen or both, a way of processing that input, a method of displaying the output and a way to store data.

Take a look at the Raspberry Pi below.  It has 2 USB ports as possible input devices which could be a mouse or a keyboard.  A 700mhz ARM11 processor which can process and perform calculators on the information that is sent to it and an HDMI output and RCA Video output.  There is also an SD card slot which will enable a user to save their data and load the operating system.

Raspberry Pi Hardware

Raspberry Pi Hardware

The main components are

1. 700mhz ARM11 processor.
2. USB 2.0 ports for mouse/keyboard/wi-fi and bluetooth adapters.
3. The Ethernet port for plugging into a hardwired network.
4. HDMI OUT for plugging into a TV or monitor. (Note the audio output also uses HDMI).
5. Micro USB power input for powering the Raspberry Pi.
6. SD Card slot which will contain the operating system and additional data.
7. GPIO headers for connecting external devices such as robotic arms.
8. RCA video out for older TV’s.
9. Audio out to an external amplifier.

The Raspberry Pi foundation have released a number of different version of the Raspberry Pi.  To find out more select a box below.

Model B


Operating Systems from the Raspberry Pi

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