The Raspberry Pi Model B+ has some additional features compared to previous versions.  To start with it now has 4 USB ports which overcomes the limitations of earlier versions which only had 2 USB ports.  This caused problems when trying to use the device with a Wireless/WiFi adapter and a keyboard and mouse.  The Model B+ became available in July 2014 and has since replaced Model B.

Other features include more GPIO pins, 40 to be exact.  A Micro SD to replace the friction-fit SD card socket.  The audio has bee improved upon which uses a dedicated low noise supply along with additional lower power consumption.  Other additional features include a general tidy up of the device to the components fit well with other devices.

This version of the Raspberry Pi is much more flexible and is less frustrating to set up due to the increased USB ports.  Raspberry Pi Model A is still used when no keyboard or mouse is required such as when used with embedded projects or used as a headless device.

Operating Systems from the Raspberry Pi

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