Raspberry Pi Course Week1 Day 4

To connect your Raspberry Pi together you are going to need the following.
A power supply.
The SD card containing your operating system.
An HDMI cable.
A keyboard.
A mouse.
A network cable

This example will use an Ethernet cable so that you can connect it to your network. Later examples will use a Raspberry Pi wireless compatible adapter to connect to the internet.

Insert the SD card containing the operating system created earlier.

SD card


Plug in the mouse and keyboard into the USB port.

USB Input



Plug in the Ethernet network cable.




Plug in the HDMI cable and plug the other into a TV or monitor.  If you have a composite video connection on your TV or monitor go to the next step.




Insert the composite video connection if you are using a TV.

Video Pi




The final step is to plug in the power adapter but we will do this in the next step.

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