Using the Raspberry Pi desktop

Week 1 of the Raspberry Pi course took you through a brief tour of what the Raspberry Pi consisted of.  To further your knowledge week 2 will guide you through using the desktop and learning the basic of interacting with the operating system.

Day 2 will explain the file system and how to use it.  Further days will introduce how to edit files and the programs that you will need.  Towards the end of the week you will learn about networking the Raspberry Pi and how the Raspberry Pi will interact with the internet.

Raspberry Pi Course - Week 2

Raspberry Pi Course – Week 2 Overview

The following book has helped a lot of people understand the Raspberry Pi from the ground up.  It is well worth a look.

The big book of raspberry pi Raspberry Pi Books

If you notice any problems or corrections with these tutorials please, please let us know.  We want to help people learn so if you have a better way of explaining something, better diagrams, images or better options for software, please let us know.  Why not contribute a tutorial and be part of history?

Learn, share and above all have fun.

Raspberry pi course - The Desktop

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