Raspberry Pi Day 5.1 Dillo Browser
One of the simplest and most light weight browsers is Dillo.  Go to Applications–>Internet–>Dillo.  Unlike most browsers the url address bar isn’t present.  Go to the File menu.  From here you can open a url, a new tab or a file.  You can also press CTRL+L to open the url window.  Here you can enter a web address.

Remember that Dillo is a very minimalistic web browser so much of the heavy rich features either don’t exist or are really stripped down.  In the address bar enter the following web site address.


Press CTRL-F to search for a word of phrase within the web page.  Enter the word below and press enter.


Press CTRL-L

This allows you to directly enter a new url into the web browser and by pressing CTRL-B you are able to access the bookmarks.    A very useful feature is the ability to use the removable panels.  This means that you are able to take apart the Dillo by dragging sections of it to your desktop.

To exit the browser quickly,  just press CTRL-X.

Raspberry Pi Day 5.2 - Chromium Browser

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