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Now that the Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet you will want to use a web browser to visit web pages.  Like most software on the Raspberry Pi you have a large number of web browsers to choose from.

Iceweasel, Midori, NetSurf, Dillo and Chromium are examples of web browsers available for the Raspberry Pi.

Like most web browsers on the Raspberry Pi Midori is lightweight and does not take up much memory.  It is the default web browser for Raspbian Linux and like most browsers it features a search box for directly searching online, bookmarks, tabbed browsing and other features that will speed up your browsing time.

The screenshot below has been labelled up to show you the common features of the web browser.  The new tab icon is located on the left and is used to open multiple web pages within the browser.  This is useful for quickly navigating to web pages but you require existing pages to remain open.  The address bar is used to directly visit a web page.

Raspberry pi midori


Enter the following web address.

The web page will appear in the window.  In the search box enter.

Suntimebox raspberry pi

A list of results will be displayed related to the Raspberry Pi.

Click on the back button to go back to previous pages and forward to navigate back to the page.  To search within a page hold down the CTRL key and press F.  This will activate the find bar which will appear at the bottom of the screen.  Enter a word or phrase to search the page.  If the word or phrase is located it will be highlighted.

Using bookmarks allow you to save your favourite web pages and view that anytime without remember the web address.

Click the Add Bookmark button.

Raspberry Pi bookmarks

By default the Title will be the title of the web site but you can change this.  These details are automatically filled it by Midori.

To visit a previously bookmarked web site, click the Bookmarks menu and a list of previous bookmarked websites will appear.

The bookmarks will appear and you can select a bookmarked web site.

Day 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 are all optional reading but they contain other web browsers that are certainly worth a look at.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand any of the commands when installing these browsers as they will be explained later.  For now, just blindly follow them.

Raspberry Pi - Future Web Browser

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