Raspberry Pi Course Day1 WiFi Config

Make sure that you are logged into your Raspberry Pi desktop and that you have a Wi-Fi adapter plugged in.  If you do not have a compatible wi-fi adapter then you can purchased one below from Amazon.


Wireless Raspberry Pi adapter Wireless wifi adapter for the Raspberry Pi

Click on the WiFi Config icon that appears on the desktop.

Wireless configuration for the Raspberry Pi

A window will appear with a number of options.

Wireless Config Raspberry Pi

Click on the scan button to scan for your wireless network.  You should see a number of wireless networks but this is dependent on how close you are to other interfering wireless networks.  Select the name of you Wi-Fi network and double click on your network.

Enter your wireless network password into the PSK field and click the add button.  Pay attention the Status label as this will inform you if there are any connection problems.  The status label will read Completed (station) when connected.  You can also see your IP address which has been allocated to your Raspberry Pi.

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