IoT Windows 10 Core for Raspberry Pi 2

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT or The Internet of Things can be thought of as a giant network of connected devices.  These devices can range from wearable devices, coffee machines, Raspberry Pi’s, cars and even traffic lights.  These types of devices are connected to the internet and can communicate with other IoT devices including desktop PC’s and servers.  The IoT includes collections of smaller devices that make up a larger network collective.  For example, traffic lights, street lights, power grids, and water supplies make up some of the components used throughout a city.  Each of these components can communicate with each other creating a large Internet aware city.

Smart Objects

These smart objects are able to alert maintenance workers if a component has failed.  In the case of a power line that is connected to a neighbourhood, it can alert the electrical company should any of the street lights fail.  The street light will communicate a message back to a server at the head office with an alert that it has failed.

IoT Impact

The Internet of Things will be able to cover a range of areas including the space industry, energy suppliers, transportation just to name a few.  This means that the impact on our lives will be huge in the future.  Some devices are already using IoT and you might not be aware of them.  For example, many baby monitoring companies are already selling products that monitor the temperature of your baby for fevers etc and the Amazon echo which is a voice activated device that communicates with your home.  This includes using your voice to activate your music selection and Amazon Prime
movies that can be streamed directly to your TV just by using your voice.

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