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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is on the rise and the Internet of Things  (IoT) is going to play a large part in this.  Cloud computing or the cloud can be thought of as a virtual resource of IT hardware and software that exists on-line.  It gives the user or companies an almost unlimited resources to scalable hardware, operating systems, storage space, virtual servers and a lot more that can be accessed 24/7 access to your resources across the globe.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows users and businesses to share computing resources at a minimal cost.  There is no longer a need to purchase servers, hard drives, software and you no longer need to maintain expensive resources.  It is cost effective because instead of investing in your hardware and software up front, you can pay a low cost monthly fee or use a simple pay as you go model. If you need more resources then all you have to do is log into a web based console and add the resources.  When you no longer need these resources just cancel the subscription.  This is similar to cable TV companies that allow you to watch TV shows and movies instead of buying the DVDs each time.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offer one of the largest resources of cloud computing and currently they are offering 12 months free for certain resources.  They allow you to use their Amazon EC2 services which is what they are calling virtual hardware in the cloud.

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